Loxone Assisted Living

Loxone Assisted Living

Smart Homes can offer some real benefits to support people and their families with assisted living requirements. Our lifestyle and capabilities can often change without notice and by adding some simple Smart Home features to your home, will aid independent living.

Kitchen Units

Rise and Fall Kitchen cupboards and worktops can easily be integrated into our smart home system. Simple control from your Smart phone or a light switch creates the perfect adjustment, so your dream kitchen becomes easy to use.


Blinds are quick becoming another aspect of the smart home which is becoming automated. Leaving you with one less task to worry about. Control them from your Smart phone or a simple touch switch at the wall.

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Fully dimmable and colour changing lights can be created for specific client requirements or for dedicated sensory rooms. Touch switches and motion sensors are used for easy functionality and creates the ability to turn lights on automatically and turn them off when the room is not in use. All Smart Home lights can be controlled via a Smart Phone.


Smart Home access can be integrated and automated via an intercom or dedicated security keypad which can give access to key people at certain times of the day. Automated locks can be integrated to ‘buzz’ family in via a smart phone.