Frequently Asked Questions

I’m unsure of what smart devices I require, can you help?

Yes, at Novi Smart Home, we offer a range smart home devices and having been installers for a number of years, we can help you choose the different smart systems that your home requires. We’ll recommend different systems which meet your requirements.

Can I switch off devices remotely?

Yes, of course. For example, you can fit ONE Smart Control to a wall socket. If you wish to operate this separately, then it can be fitted and other devices connected to it can be switched on or off.

Does the system need a PC or computer to operate?

No, but both the installation and programming are created on the app.

Is the operation the same on both Android and Apple Apps?

The aim is to keep the operation the same, in as far as possible, sometimes there may be small differences due to the specific settings of the various platforms, but for users it’s barely noticeable.

Is Novi Smart Home systems suitable for renovations?

The Novi Smart Home system can be installed in an existing home, this provides an advantage in older homes with original features. Since there is no need for building work when installed Novi Smart Home, these features can be preserved and you can then admire the interior of your home.

Can I operate my garage door from the other side of the world?

Yes of course, this is useful should you be approaching your garage or want to open the garage door for a visitor.

Can you recommend an installer?

Don’t worry about that, when you choose Novi Smart Home our team of specialists offer a full installation service. Having a wealth of experience in the area means that you can trust you’re in the best hands, we’ll ensure that your new smart home system is installed to only the highest standard.

Do your smart home systems work for businesses and commercial premises?

Yes absolutely, our team of professionals can provide a range of advice to ensure that you choose the correct system for your business. Novi Smart Home systems for commercial properties will streamline a range of systems as well as ensuring that your premises is safe and secure when you’re not there.