Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Smart Home energy management is something we are passionate about. By monitoring the energy usage of your home or PV generation you can visually see the trends in which your family use electricity and gas. Only then can we implement ways in which to save energy.

Energy Monitoring

A simple Energy Monitor on your smart phone displays how much electricity your house is using. It also shows how much electricity your house is generating if you have Solar PV installed.

It’s easy to keep an eye on those power guzzling appliances. Great for deciding on what energy saving measure will best suit your household.

For example if you use the most energy during the day then PV will be a good option. If you use most of your electricity on an evening when people are home from work then Battery Storage could be a cost effective option with LED’s.


Energy Monitoring in a smart home could not be easier we can monitor Electricity, gas, water, PV generation or even appliances. All statistics can be stored and monitored on a smart phone.

Energy Monitoring

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PV generations

By monitoring the PV generation, we can calculate when the solar PV is exporting which allows the home to switch on appliances and electric car charger to really maximise that free electricity from the sun

Do the Kids keep leaving lights ON?

Don’t worry, we have a lighting overview on your smart phone that easily shows which lights have been left on. One simple press of this button turns all lights off in the house, works anywhere in the world. Making it easy to save energy.

We can go one further… Novi Smart Home can create an ‘AWAY MODE’

When ‘Away Mode’ is activated it will trigger a sequence of events that will turn the heating down, lights off, and turn all music and appliances off saving energy and money.