Smart Shading

Smart Shading

Electric Blinds are fast becoming the must have feature in a smart home. The range of shading in which we can integrate is extensive whether it’s blinds, curtains, roller shutters or even awnings we can control it via a Smart phone or a switch on the wall.

Automated shading

7am sunrise activates the blinds to slowly rise allowing the natural light to flood the room waking you gradually to start the day the right way!

Easy control

Individually control each and every blind or create groups to simplify the whole process: All Blinds, Living Room Blinds, Downstairs blinds…. its up to you.

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Curtains or Blinds

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, curtains or even roller shutters….if its got a motor we can integrate them into a Loxone smart home.

Smart shading

More and more projects are utilising glass as a building material creating spaces that gain and lose heat very quickly. Smart shading can be linked to the heating and cooling schedule to automatically open to allow the room to utilise the suns energy to heat the room rather than turning the heating on. When the room reaches temperature the smart shading can be used to keep the comfort temperature.