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Novi Smart Home are Loxone Smart Home installers in the North East. We believe that a Loxone Smart Home is a TRUE Smart Home and our team at Novi Smart Home believe by using Loxone we can bring the quality and benefits of a commercial building management system to the domestic smart home market with an easy to use interface that all our clients and their families will love.


One of the main features we are passionate about, is integrating the services within your home; lights, heating, smoke alarms and security systems so they can all communicate and interact with each other.


A Smart Home is not just a Multi Room Music System and a Smart learning thermostat. We fully design and install complete bespoke packages which is centred around our client and their family lifestyle.


If you are looking for a Loxone smart home installer in the North East then we are happy to discuss your project. As one of the best North East Smart Home Installers we cover all of the north east including Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and Teesside.


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Why we prefer a Loxone Smart Home in the North East

We saw the potential in this fast growing industry in 2015 and re-trained our qualified electricians to become Loxone Smart Home Installers and have since designed and completed a number of bespoke Smart Homes in the North East.

The Loxone Smart Home is a modular system so it can be designed to meet varying budgets. One of the key selling points is that it can be hard wired or retrofitted giving more scope to potential customers and their projects.

If you have a project in the North East then please contact us and we can discuss the best ways in which to future proof your home by making it a Loxone Smart Home.

The Perfect Partnership

Smart Home Installer North East

2 For The Price Of 1

Novi Smart Home is the sister company of the award winning electrical contractors North East Electrical Ltd. The two companies work hand in hand when delivering a Loxone Smart Home project.

It is very important when creating a smart home that the electricians and smart home installers work together, communication is paramount as it is very easy to pass blame. We believe we have the perfect setup, everything is designed in house and all the electrical and smart home package is taken care of which minimises costly mistakes on site.

All our team at Novi Smart Home are fully qualified electricians as well as trained Loxone engineers so you have the same engineers on site installing Loxone equipment and all the electrical requirements resulting in greater continuity on site.

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Want to know more about the buzz surrounding smart home technology and how it can benefit your clients? Let’s grab a coffee! and we can talk Smart Home and what needs to be done to future proof our homes.

Home Owners

Home Owners

Just moved in? or have a project in mind? or maybe you just want to know a little more about how it all works. Arrange a free call out and we can talk about the benefits of a smart home.



Builders will now find customers are asking for more and more smart home features in their homes and in a competitive market you have to offer something different to stand out. Lets start building Smart Homes!!

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