Electric Windows

Electric Windows

Electric windows are a great answer to some of the hard to reach spaces. Smart Homes are becoming more and more clever, therefore we can now integrate electric windows into the heating schedule and they can play a vital part in natural ventilation.

Glazing is becoming one of the most popular building materials and we have to be mindful to make sure our internal spaces don’t get to hot through solar gains or too cold via heat loss. This job is perfect for a smart Heating system which can incorporate Blinds/ Shading and Electrical Windows to provide a perfect temperature.

Check out a recent case study by VELFAC which covers some electric windows and smart shading we installed.

Automated for smart Ventilation

Windows can be automated to open if the room temperature gets too high, creating a natural through breeze making a comfortable living space without the need to turn the aircon on

Easy control

All Electric windows or roof lights can be automated and be controlled via a smart phone or a simple switch. Making the whole process easy, no more climbing up them ladders or using a long pole.

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Loxone door contacts

Window contacts

We utilise widow contacts to inform our Loxnone smart home if the window is open or closed. This allows us to integrate the windows with other services of the house. If the windows have been left open and you set the burglar alarm to go out, then the windows automatically close.

Automated heating

If your family have the heating on and the kids open a window then the heating turns off, saving energy and money. Why heat a home if the heat will be wasted. This is what we call a True Loxone Smart Home