Smart Heating Newcastle

Smart Heating in Newcastle

Should you require smart heating in Newcastle, the team at Novi Smart Home have you covered. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to smart heating systems and can offer professional installation of quality heating systems across the area. We proud of offer Loxone Smart Home Systems across Newcastle and the surrounding areas, our professional team will do their best when it comes to providing you with advice for the best smart home solutions to integrate into your smart heating and smart home system. Loxone smart systems include features that allow us to create a smart heating system at no additional cost. For more information, simply call our team today.

Smart Heating for your Home

Smart heating systems can be anything from a smart learning thermostat to a fully zoned heating system. At Novi Smart Home we can control and automate all types of heating systems through Loxone, including gas boilers, air source heat pumps and immersion. There’s really no where else to go when it comes to smart heating systems in Sunderland and across the North East

Being a Loxone Smart Home installer in the North East means we can advise on the best smart heating solutions. We’ll also cover all areas of the North East including where we’re based, Sunderland and Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland and Middlesbrough.

The Loxone Actuator valves mean that individual rooms/zones can be controlled so you can have the perfect temperature in every room. Only heat the rooms you use, works with UFH, Radiators, Immersion and electric fans.

Smart Phone Control for Heating

When it comes to smart heating in Newcastle from Novi Smart Home, our systems make it easy to create heating schedules to suit your lifestyle, there’s no need for ugly thermostats to be placed throughout your house. These heating systems can be controlled directly from your smart phone, allowing you to adjust the heating in each individual room. You’ll also receive notifications directly about the smart heating system, through the smart heating thermostat.


Underfloor Heating

Electric Fan Heaters

Air Source Heat Pumps

Access your system from wherever you are

Whether you’ve been out on a cold winters walk or you’re at work and want to come home to a warm house, the Loxone smart home heating system can heat your home from anywhere in the world, by the simple touch of a button on your smart phone.

So what are you waiting for, look no further, the team at Novi Smart Home have you covered when it comes to smart heating controls in Newcastle and the surrounding North East areas. For more information, call our team today.

Remote access

We install Loxone presence sensors as standard and they will turn the heating off in a room which hasn’t been used for over an hour. This will help to save you energy and money, for more information on Loxone smart heating in Newcastle, contact Novi Smart Home today.

For Smart Heating in the Newcastle, call our team today!

Should you require smart heating installations in Newcastle and the North East area, Novi Smart Home have you covered. Whatever your requirements, we’ll get your smart home devices up and running, for more information, give our team of professionals a call today.

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